Yut-Lung's mother is a minor character from Banana Fish who is elaborated on via flashbacks.

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At ten years old she had long black hair braided into twin strands over her shoulders a hairstyle of which she kept to throughout her life. Yut-Lung bears a strong resemblances to her.

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Yut-Lung's mother was a poor street vendor's daughter who was used as a concubine by Lee Hong-Lung when she was ten years old. When Lee Hong-Lung died, Yut-Lung's mother was raped and killed by Yut-Lung's half-brothers when he was six years old. His mother's death leads Yut-Lung to vow revenge toward his brothers, especially Lee Wang-Lung and Lee Hua-Lung. His mother's death also drives him to learn only hate and can't learn about love.

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Her son that she had with Lee Hong-Lung. She is shown to had love her son very much and tried to reach for him before she was raped and killed.

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She was taken as his mistress at ten years old and had Yut-Lung with him.

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Lee Wang-Lung raped her alongside his brothers until her death.

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Lee Hua-Lung held Yut-Lung in his arms while watching his mother being raped and killed by his brothers.

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  • She gave birth to Yut-Lung at the age of 15.

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