Wookie is a gang member of Dino Golzine where he worked closely with Frederick Arthur in their plans against Ash Lynx and his gang. He is a supporting character in Banana Fish.


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Wookie has short reddish hair, he wears a black driving hat and orange tinted shades. He has a sleeveless pink vest with a white hood.

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He is supportive to those he is close to such as Arthur. Willing to kidnap as part of their plans against Ash, Wookie also carries out his orders without question. He takes the time to think things through even if not fully understanding them.

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At some point he came to be in contact with Ash and his gang, before tilting towards Arthur and his side.

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Wookie stands to the left of Arthur, among many other of Ash’s gang members as they observe him shoot at two gang members who carried out Golzine’s orders to murder a man.

After Ash leaves, Wookie moves closer to Arthur as he asks him if he thinks Ash is onto something. He thinks nothing of it, that Ash could not even hit them at that range, before being informed by Arthur that he missed them on purpose.

Appearing perplexed, Wookie follows Arthur as he explains Ash’s skill and that one must play dirty if you want to beat him. Wookie is startled when it dawns on him that Arthur intends to follow through with a pre-formed plan.[1]

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Frederick Arthur Edit

He throws in with Arthur over Ash as gang leader of choice and is loyal to him. Taking part in the kidnap of Skip and Eiji, Wookie successfully brings them both to Arthur.

Ash Lynx Edit

A gang leader he plots against with Arthur, Wookie reduces him as a threat in his mind believing that Ash's shooting skills are not that good, unaware at first that Ash missed his targets on purpose. Wookie continues to act against him alongside Arthur as their gang pushes for control.


Wookie is responsible for kidnapping Skip, of which he does so seeing him as a weak point for Ash. He knew Skip well enough to know his escape routes.

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  • "Wookie" is a name to refer to a species of creature in the Star Wars universe, of which Chewbacca is the most well known one.

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  1. Banana Fish Anime: Episode 01 A Perfect Day for Bananafish

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