A blog entry to detail and discuss how effective Banana Fish is at generating tension from a storytelling perspective

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seems good!

Beginning with gang warfare involving not just weapons like knives but firearms that can burst in at any time is certainly startling. The world everyone finds themselves in where close friends and even strangers are kidnapped to lure in the people they want more so.

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It is not just limited to gangs but the link to mafia connections is a part of the environment. It’s something terrible where this gang and mafia life is both a worst thing but also the only thing to turn to which has haunting real life connotations.

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That is all just for the first episode! Banana Fish then proceeds to ramp up the stakes several notches with each one. Though there are truly the worst scenarios occurring, those who they are affecting are no victims. Ash, Eiji, they all show their brave sides not just out of necessity but because that is what is within them.

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The worst habitats have shaped and influenced other people but also happens to be the setting for them to survive, indeed thrive in them. Ash can go toe to toe with the horrifying incidents and emerge victorious. He is on equal footing with what the awful in the world can throw at him. We learn it is Ash’s playground and even outsider Eiji proves a vital adaptable streak and can persevere where others cannot when the need arises.

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Though all in all the people are at the top and extreme scenarios are nothing to them, feel free to discuss the tense moments you felt when watching the anime nevertheless! Incidents like when Eiji and Ibe first walked into the room with known violent gang members, Max when he is serious, the audience seeing that Arthur had allied himself with Golzine or even for the poor inmates with Ash! It wasn’t that Ash was stuck in prison with them, it’s that they were stuck in prison with him! It’s certainly something multiple violent criminals can attest to.

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Situations that involve really awful things (like being shot) are probably better for separate blog posts. When Golzine’s thugs have surrounded Ash’s home or have found where Jessica lives, any of the fights, anything like those would be good points. This can apply for those with villainous inclinations, should we be very concerned for Golzine seeing a gun wielding Ash coming towards him on top of a truck? And Yut being captured, Sing in danger as well. Maybe even Blanca could have bee apprehensive with Ash on his home turf.

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Good points to discuss since these technicalities are an integral part of the plot, which by itself is just one of the large gears of what makes Banana Fish outstanding!

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