Aside from the amazingly written manga, excellently made anime and most importantly the eternal bonds between characters, Banana Fish is the gift that keeps on giving! This blog entry would be perfect to discuss other official content released to coincide with the anime. 

Banana Fish content art
Banana Fish merchandise 2.png
Banana Fish merchandise 1.png
Ash and Eiji pyjamas.png
Banana Fish content art
Banana Fish content art

Gifts are always nice and what better than the additional content that has been released so far. Whilst the physical items can be bought for yourself or others, this wiki loves to gather the artwork of promotional materials. Usually events may have posters released for them which are great gathered here, whereas if it is something physical you can get, the images of that would look lovely here.

Will also use this blog to commend the artwork of the content. One of the best things about promotional materials is seeing a different side of the characters, who doesn’t like chibi Ash and Eiji?! These light hearted aspects are especially welcome considering the whole this story is partly a tragic thriller and we will show you why! Having said that, the selfless bravery people demonstrate overcomes the harrowing ordeals that come their way, just to acknowledge. 

These materials are excellent additions to everything the Banana Fish series has graced us the audience with. On a related note, if you do come across other such content, the artwork of these materials is apt to be detailed on this here encyclopaedia for informative purposes. Not to mention to continue the goal of gathering all official information on Banana Fish!

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