This might not even be a formality for the Banana Fish wiki since there has not actually been any opinions whatsoever on which is ‘better’ anime or manga wise. Everyone seems to enjoy both, would never try and diminish one or the other with needless comparisons, indeed are happy the anime was made at all which is exactly the way it should be.

Still whilst other series may feel the need to debate which is better and why, rather than enjoy both, we are all in a fortunate and totally enviable position. We can have something far nicer: namely a blog to comment that we are lucky enough to have both manga and anime (the anime was only slightly overdue by like a few DECADES after all).

To that end this blog can commend what both the anime and manga have done equally very well, namely the artwork of everyone’s favourite heroes and not so heroes. Seeing the characters brought to life on paper with the lovely manga pages, in the time period it was released as well can be done to praise the looks on their own merits. Equally we can state with certainty that the anime has also done justice to the source material and have appearances for the time period which are slightly different but still the characters we all know and love/detest with every fibre of our being.

Not a manga or anime, a manga and anime and here are a select few scenes from the manga and anime side by side to show in all their glory! (More coming soon!) By all means feel free to share your own which is able to be done in comments.

Anime and manga scenes.png

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