Ash and Eiji were chosen as one of the best anime ships for the whole of 2018 by Fandom. This entry is to help share this lovely mention, it's superb other people could see it as well.

It was so nice that what they have between one another was recognised. Though ‘shipping’ is generally fun and games there is very real chemistry between them and here symbolizes the special connection between Eiji and Ash.

Among the many pairings from a plethora of anime throughout the year it is even more impressive they were chosen. Naturally other contenders will be there for later years, as it happens Ash and Eiji’s relationship stands out, as they are the best for successive years, too! (This blog may or may not be biased). 

Specific points can be detailed as to why they were on the list; with everything between them throughout the Banana Fish story, they have more than secured their place there. For now had to state how truly wonderful these two very special people could have what they have together acknowledged.

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