The Banana Fish wiki is removing the “status” from the infobox code because:

  • The wiki shall be ‘spoiler free’, a term referring to avoiding at a glance spoilers such as “Alive” “Deceased” right there in the infobox as the first thing people shall come across that are not noted as such.

The synopsis pages will detail everything concerning the characters roles in the story, but this involves actually reading the text to see the spoiler. Pages with spoilers shall be marked with the relevant templates at the top of the article page, this is in keeping of editing comments to cover spoiler text for article comments.

  • People can remember the characters and everything eternally great about them. Remembering a character for being deceased, no instead of that lingering in the mind, all the character done and what made them the people they are, that lives forever.

The “Status” of a character is a non-issue, rather it is their actions and special moments that can be remembered.

A ‘spoiler free’ wiki works best for the site. Some wiki’s are spoiler free; others duly note the status of characters, whichever works for them. This works for Banana Fish and here the only purpose the “status” alive/deceased serves is to be an at a glance major story spoiler. Newcomers just skimming over the wiki to get information on a series, who would appreciate that as the first thing they see.

This course lets the wiki encompass everything for this all covering most detailed encyclopaedia. Systematically we can also spare people those dreadful major nuclear landmine ambush spoilers just lying in wait with synopsis sections duly marked with spoiler templates.

This blog post makes for a sound policy area, namely on avoiding bear trap spoilers that are lurking in Banana Fish especially. Thoughts, suggestions on this guideline, like it? Share away!

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