S3r0-Ph1i S3r0-Ph1i 31 October 2019

Halloween times!

Banana Fish is one such series lucky enough to have seasonal events occur in its story, namely Halloween! It's the right kind of spooky, fun filled times with the latter part of Episode 12 To Have and Have Not featuring Ash arriving home to Eiji with the appropriate backdrop, not limited to a large amount of pumpkins, much to Ash's delight!

As if it could be better, promotional materials have also released further Halloween related Banana Fish artwork, with the characters in their best trick or treat attire!

With that, such amazing moments and scenes make for a perfect collage for the wiki background for Halloween, which obviously must be shared!

Also favourite images, moments and fan art of the cast during Halloween, what you like best and w…

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S3r0-Ph1i S3r0-Ph1i 2 August 2019

365 days badge

The contribute daily badges may be attained for adding daily to the wiki for 5, 14, 30, 60, 100, 200 and 365 days. A long haul from one perspective to easy sailing improving the articles pages each day, and so easy once the lovely working method is established. If you can do it for 2 days you can do it for the complete 365 days so hopefully this is the first of many!

Collecting badges, improving articles, to simply enjoying the source material, so long as everyone likes all the nice things, what could be better!

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S3r0-Ph1i S3r0-Ph1i 1 April 2019

Update to Discussions on the Banana Fish Wiki!

It was no April Fools to have by all accounts a much-needed overhaul to Discussions across wikis. Today Banana Fish, along with all other English language wikis had the update.

This progression ties Discussions in with the wiki itself more, rather than feel somewhat detached as it was originally. The background is now the same as the respective wiki rather than white, it is more user friendly as well.

People may notice/look back and see how character pages are now able to be viewed. This is in addition to pages that have just been updated as part of the successfully merge the wiki and Discussions move.

There is now an Insights area for Discussions as well as further developments as explained on the announcement blog on the Community Central W…

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S3r0-Ph1i S3r0-Ph1i 14 February 2019

A Banana Fish Wiki Policy

The Banana Fish wiki is removing the “status” from the infobox code because:

  • The wiki shall be ‘spoiler free’, a term referring to avoiding at a glance spoilers such as “Alive” “Deceased” right there in the infobox as the first thing people shall come across that are not noted as such.

The synopsis pages will detail everything concerning the characters roles in the story, but this involves actually reading the text to see the spoiler. Pages with spoilers shall be marked with the relevant templates at the top of the article page, this is in keeping of editing comments to cover spoiler text for article comments.

  • People can remember the characters and everything eternally great about them. Remembering a character for being deceased, no instead o…
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S3r0-Ph1i S3r0-Ph1i 24 January 2019

Migration to Fandom

Today on the 24th January, 2019 Banana Fish was formally migrated to Fandoms new URL. A long planned process beginning with it’s rebranding in October 2016, Fandom began the migration of its wikis in October 2018. Around 350,000 communities have been gradually migrated with planned completion on February 4th.

This day was significant for the Banana Fish wiki. Not just for historical purposes with the moment of its migration but also because not all sites were transferred to Fandom. Some with low activity or were deemed unsuitable for Fandom when it evidently checked through every last wiki were simply closed and deleted.

Those who activity contribute, those who add every now and again, someone correcting spelling here and there to the multitu…

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