Please give a comment about the song that suitable for Ash and Eiji in every moments both in happy, calm, and also sad or maybe gritty. Also write the reason why do you choose the song based on the moments in anime/manga.

For me, the songs that suitable for them are:


Sheryl Sheinafia - Fix You Up (Official Video)

1. Sheryl Sheinafia - Fix You Up

This song very suitable for Eiji who always besides Ash and always fixes Ash up after the incidents. Maybe example in episode 11 where Eiji says to Ash to always by his side. Maybe many some radiant and calm moments between Eiji and Ash. This song is very catchy for Eiji's loyality toward Ash.

2. Carrie Underwood - Just A Dream (spoiler)


Carrie Underwood - Just A Dream-0

I know that this song is not so so suitable with the event of Banana Fish. But at least maybe thus song very picturing Eiji after being left to death by Ash. This song is very vividly happy yet sad in the end. Also, i have a plan to write fic based on this song but parallel with the Banana Fish's story.

That's my recommended song that i know. Maybe i'll update this blog after i find the songs based on the Asheiji moments in Banana Fish.

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