So I was watching a series called King of Prism: Shiny Seven Stars(definetly recommend you watch this one if you like to watch boys competing on stage by dancing,singing, etc. But you should watch King of Prism by Pretty Rhythm first before the one I mentioned because King of Prism is a sequel to King of Prism by Pretty Rhythm.) and I came across a character that looked like Yut-Lung. His name is Yukinojō Tachibana. I decided to use his base design and make him look like Yut-Lung. I just felt the need to do it. And it looks exactly like him if you picture Yut-Lung singing and dancing. Feel free to post some of the characters that you think look like Yut-Lung or any thing that has to do with characters looking alike from another series.

Yukinojō Tachibana.png
Yut-Lung ref.png

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