DragonKestrel DragonKestrel 13 June 2019

Similar looking Yut-Lung found in another series!

So I was watching a series called King of Prism: Shiny Seven Stars(definetly recommend you watch this one if you like to watch boys competing on stage by dancing,singing, etc. But you should watch King of Prism by Pretty Rhythm first before the one I mentioned because King of Prism is a sequel to King of Prism by Pretty Rhythm.) and I came across a character that looked like Yut-Lung. His name is Yukinojō Tachibana. I decided to use his base design and make him look like Yut-Lung. I just felt the need to do it. And it looks exactly like him if you picture Yut-Lung singing and dancing. Feel free to post some of the characters that you think look like Yut-Lung or any thing that has to do with characters looking alike from another series.

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DragonKestrel DragonKestrel 30 March 2019

Banana Fish (March Spotlight)

Banana Fish was the very first spotlight for March in 2019 to be featured!

View the full discussion here:https://banana-fish.fandom.com/d/p/3126968706924786781

View the Spotlight's for 2019 here:https://animanga.fandom.com/wiki/Animanga_Wiki_talk:Spotlights?diff=73457

Fellow Wiki's alongside Banana Fish for March:

  • https://hyouka.fandom.com/wiki/Main_Page
  • https://cinderella-monogatari.fandom.com/wiki/Cinderella_Monogatari_Wiki
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DragonKestrel DragonKestrel 18 February 2019

Happy Valentines!

Hope you're all having a Happy Valentines Day, share all the hugs and kisses to your loved ones, friends, and other users. And feel free to post some of your favorite Valentine Banana Fish fan arts that are either created by you and/or other users fan arts that catch your eye! If you use other users fan arts, please make sure to give them credit by naming that picture/file with there name on it, example: Banana Fish Happy Valentines by DragonKestrel. Have a fun time searching!

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DragonKestrel DragonKestrel 7 January 2019

Banana Fish Ending (My opinion)

This is a Banana Fish ending done by myself of how Banana Fish should've ended, feel free to leave your thoughts on the story down below in the comments on your thoughts about the ending. Enjoy the actual ending of Banana Fish instead of Akimi Yoshida's depiction of the anime and manga.

Sing tells Ash about the letter that Eiji instructed him to give to Ash. Ash opens up the letter to find plane tickets to Japan inside. "You have to go, Eiji wants you to go with him to Japan since he's leaving today." Said Sing. "I don't want to make things anymore worse for him when he see's me." Said Ash. "What are you taking about you're his friend, don't you want to..." Ash interrupts Sing. "He doesn't belong in this world, not when there are killings a…

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DragonKestrel DragonKestrel 15 September 2018

Who is this?!?!

In this blog post we talk and make predictions about this mystery character in the series. My prediction is that this is Blanca. Answer will be revealed soon, so I will wait for your guy's answers and opinions in the comments on what you think this mystery character is.

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