Even though it's been a year I'm sure a lot of us are still stuck with the ending of this amazing and painful story. 

The story that BANANA FISH adaption delivered has convinced me that it has been the absolute best anime I've ever watched and I don't know if it's possible to beat, at least not in this century. 

Even though it's been a year (And three days) I am still feeling devastated from the last episode of BANANA FISH. I didn't think any anime would get me this sentimental, ever. It was next to 'impossible' having to wait a week for each episode to air, especially the last three episodes. Man, it was just one terrible event after another filled with plot twists and heartbreaks. I'm still speechless and I often think of the fact that "Wow, this anime got me devastated 100%."

Thank you BANANA FISH anime, happy anniversary too! It feels like as if it was yesterday (or at least a week ago) since I was crying bucket loads of tears from the 24th episode. After so many re-watches from the second part of the anime, that being episode 12-21 because the last three was almost impossible to get through due to me being left completely devastated multiple times as I rewatched the episodes. 

Thank you for the BANANA FISH anime adaption. 

--Craneface (talk) 01:54, December 24, 2019 (UTC)

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