Banana Fish Waltz by matsuyuki senki

Favourite episodes: Episode 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23 so far (importantly there are Asheiji's moments).

Favorite character(s): Ash and Eiji (ofc)

Favorite couple: ultimately Ash x Eiji (Asheiji)


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My Favorite Scenes Edit

  • Eiji and Ash's first meeting (ep. 1)
  • Ash let Eiji holds his gun; Eiji asks to Ask if he had killed people. (ep. 1)
  • Eiji covers Ash's wound with his ripped clothes (ep. 2),
  • Eiji pole vaults which amazed Ash (also his eye being screen to show the reflection on his green eye) (ep.2)
  • Eiji visits Ash in the hospital room (ep.2),
  • KISS SCENE!!! (ep. 3)
  • Ash teaches Eiji how to shoot with a gun (ep. 6)
  • Ash saves Eiji (ep. 10)
  • Ash and Eiji's prime time at Ash's headquarters (ep.11)
  • Ash-Eiji talk heart to heart and Eiji comforts Ash (ep. 11)
  • Ash tries Japanese (disgusting) healthy food with Eiji (ep.12)
  • Ash and Eiji talk about leopard (ep.13)
  • Everything about ASHEIJI on new OP
  • Ash and Eiji hug each other (ep.17)
  • Eiji acts as a housewife to Ash (ep. 18)
  • Ash and Eiji in the library. (ep. 18)
  • Ash hugs Eiji from getting shot (ep.18)
  • Eiji offers Ash to go to Japan with him and to discuss about Izumo (ep.18)
  • Eiji saves Ash this time with Sing, Cain, and their respective gangs. (ep.20)
  • Eiji touches Ash's hand to handle a glass of canned soup (ep. 20)
  • Eiji being captured alongside Ash's Gang (ep. 20)
  • Ash and Blanca make negotiation to release their own people (ep. 20)
  • Ash and Eiji talk about Eiji's charm from his sister (ep. 21)
  • Ash and Eiji talk at the night then Ash realizes about something (ep. 21)
  • Eiji teaches Ash Japanese (ep. 22)
  • Eiji and Ash being shot but Ash succeeded to shot back the two snipers who shot them. (ep. 22)
  • Ash and Eiji' last reunion T^T (ep. 22)
  • Eiji and Ash cry each other as their last farewell (ep. 22)
  • Eiji's eyes during his sky seeing at the night. (ep. 24)
  • Eiji's last departure. (Ep. 24)
  • Ash 'sleeps' peacefully in the library. (Ep. 24)

My Favorite Soundtrack Edit

  • Freedom - Blue Encount
  • Prayer
  • Leaper
  • Red - Survive of the Prophet
  • Found and Lost
  • Eiji
  • Aslan
  • Banana Fish

My Favorite Official Arts Edit

  • Eiji and Ash hold hands while they are smiling.
  • Ash and Eiji sleep together on the rye.
  • Ash and Eiji look across each other
  • Ash and Eiji wear their American style costume for promotion.
  • Ash and Eiji are on vacation.
  • Eiji and Ash are eating their snack each other.
  • Ash and Eiji meal snack together.
  • Ash and Eiji with sunflower
  • Ash and Eiji in the cafe while Ash teases Eiji with nudges his ankle.
  • Ash and Eiji wear formal suits.
  • Ash and Eiji in Cape Cod.
  • Ash and Eiji in front of the window (official art).
  • Ash kisses Eiji's neck (manga).
  • Ash and Eiji eat the snack with the black cat accompanies them.

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