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Hello there! My Name is DragonKestrel. I noticed you found my Wikipage, Lucky you! I welcome you. Feel free to ask me questions of any sort and I will answer them the best I can. My time zone is MST (Mountain Standard Time) when I will be on the wiki. nana Fish Together! Note that some of the images that are down below are not mine and belong to their respectful owners, these photos are used for intended purposes only not to steal! 🍌🐠

My Profile Pic will be changing from time to time to switch things up a little bit and make things a bit interesting for both myself and other people.


The meaning behind my username: I decided on the name "DragonKestrel" because I love dragons and Kestrel from the book series "Wings of Fire" where a female dragon is named Kestrel.

Where you can find me:




Wiki's I've contributed to:

Banana Fish Wiki

Wings of Fire Wiki

Yuri!!! O

Gakuen Heaven (First created Wiki)

Ten Count Wiki

Given Wiki

Sarazanmai Wiki

Maiden Rose Wiki

Yaoi Wiki

SpiritPact Wiki

Pet Wiki

List of Pages Wanted:

Charlie Dickinson/Image Gallery

Frederick Arthur/Image Gallery

Kong/Image Gallery

Lao Yen Tai/Image Gallery

Pages to work on:

Episode 9:Summary

Episode 10:Summary

Episode 17:Summary

Episode 24:Summary

Favorite OST's and Music from Banana Fish

  • Found and Lost by Survive Said The Prophet
  • Red by Survive Said The Prophet
  • Freedom by Blue Encount
  • Leaper
  • Hometown
  • Los Angeles
  • Shorter to Sing
  • Trailer Type A
  • Yut Lung
  • Lunar Shackles
  • Him and Hym

Favorite Characters

Favorite Episodes from the Anime:

Favorite Fan Arts

  • Usui Koro
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