• Congratulations on your contribute daily streaks! If you would like to begin another one, the Yaoi Wiki is a suggestion. That is to also have articles detailing many different stories if you would like to take part there, or simply learn about the new series that are available and those that have yet to be released!

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    • Wow, long time no see. Btw thanks for all of your support.

      Btw... Um... No thanks. I have enought with Sarazanmai, Banana Fish, Yuri on Ice, and Given for a while. I just need to focus on Given and Yuri on Ice

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    • Understandable, after several, taking on another one can seem a "no thanks" thing, haha. Yet whether later or if the Yaoi Wiki makes for a good base of operations it remains there to be a forever expanding one with new series.

      An unrelated tip of sorts, see the page history here. An unregistered account has vandalized a page multiple times. Rather than choosing 'Undo' for each one, there or on the most recent edit here there is a rollback option that will roll all those edits right back to the last one by a different user! A good chance to practice!

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    • A FANDOM user
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