• Hi, Do you know the source that says Max's Birthday from Banana Fish is May 17?

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    • Oh, I'm so sorry... idk about the others' birthday besides Ash. Even it's not me who edited his page.

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    • Yeah, the only known birthday is Ash's. No else has an official birthday. I think the birthdays should be removed if there is no source. We only know the years they were born after doing math.

      Eiji - 1966

      Yut Lung - 1970

      Sing - 1972

      Max - 1954

      Ibe - 1959

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    • Yes, you know, bio profile is very sensitive and contain the very exact information. Once they make a joke about their bio profile especially birthday and age then it will be misleading information. So, we must give some source credit where we get that information.

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