• Hey DragonKestrel! I'm checking in with you guys to see how things are going. Happy new year, and I hope you had a good holiday season! Do you have any questions for me or anything? You and the rest of the admin team have been here for a long time, so I'm not really that worried about things, but don't forget that I'm here if you need me.

    I do have a suggestion, though, since you guys seem to want to keep a white background. You can add a text shadow property to all links to make them easier to see. Let me know what you think of a simple black text shadow for links.

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    • Hello. I hope you are enjoying this new year with many great and wonderful opportunities to come, as well as enjoying your holiday season! Thank you for willing to help us with the BANANA FISH Wiki, it really means a lot to the community and Fandom. I also hope that you are enjoying working with other users for upcoming wikis!

      What a lovely suggestion, thank you for bringing it up. I will be sure to message this to the other admins for their ideas and will come back to you shortly after! Have a splendid day!!

      DragonKestrel 🐉

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