• How we should give celebration for Ash Lynx's birthday? i can't write the discussion anymore

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    • Whoop whoop, huge happy birthdays to Ash! As for how we should celebrate, truly the only sensible thing to do is plaster the wiki, every last site we find with tapestries of a huge amount of fan images of Ash on his special day!

      In the right way, Ash would be celebrating with Eiji and his close ones. By now they they would have spent time in Japan, returned to New York and then travelled the world enjoying their lives as they should! As a story, can celebrate Ash's bday forever because that is how long the characters live for : )

      For the other part, did you mean you are unable to write Discussions posts?

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    • Yeah... you know... idk why, but i can't click anything on discussion posts like those column can't be function anymore. Or maybe it was just my error? idk anymore

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    • Could you provide further details, is this on your phone, what internet browser are you using, is the issue clicking specific Discussions posts, posting replies and if you could send the issue to Fandom staff by going on your email and sending a message to:

      Good news in that it seems to be a bug! Good news in that it can hopefully be fixed!

      Also on phones if you would like to create a Discussions post choose the colored plus + symbol on the bottom right of the screen. If you would like to reply to one choose it and "What do you think?" can be found on the bottom of the screen, have a go at seeing if everything is fine?

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    • Idk if it will work. How should i explain to the staff about it?

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    • Explain what you can, screenshots are helpful.

      In Discussions on your phone view have you tried choosing the plus + sign at the bottom right of the screen?

      When on a Discussions post the way to reply remains along the bottom of the screen with "What do you think?" next to your display image.

      Easy to overlook when used to the computer layout, but worth checking if there!

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    • OK then. Thanks for your suggestion then. I will do it next time since my country is in the night.

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    • A FANDOM user
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