• I've been going through the anime in case we missed a few things and writing the summaries for the episodes. I've come across and added a few pages for the wiki because I thought on creating them, but I wanted to get your input on it, incase it would be a good chance for someone else to get the "Pounce" badge but, nobody except for a few of us have been editing pages on the Banana Fish Wiki. If you want, we could create a page of the articles that are wanted so other users including us can work on them. Here are the List of Pages, a total of 48 pages:

    • Jake Smolinski (Missing Kid Poster)
    • William Li (Missing Kid Poster)
    • Andy Jenkins (Missing Kid Poster)
    • Kevin Neilson (Missing Kid Poster)
    • Theodore Waters (Missing Kid Poster)
    • Kasey Turnbridge (Missing Kid Poster)
    • Billy Corden (Missing Kid Poster)
    • Harold Miller (Missing Kid Poster)
    • Jeff Anderson (Missing Kid Poster)
    • Sam Jacobson (Missing Kid Poster)
    • Andre Velasquez (Missing Kid Poster)
    • John Larner (Missing Kid Poster)
    • Alexis Smith (Missing Kid Poster)
    • Jason Wong (Missing Kid Poster)
    • Jackson Green (Missing Kid Poster)
    • George Scott/Image Gallery
    • Lee Wang Lung/Image Gallery
    • Lee Hua Lung/Image Gallery
    • Abraham Dawson/Image Gallery
    • Bones/Image Gallery
    • Charlie Dickinson/Image Gallery
    • Eduardo L. Fox/Image Gallery
    • Frederick Arthur/Image Gallery
    • Jennifer/Image Gallery
    • Jim Callenreese/Image Gallery
    • Kong/Image Gallery
    • Lao Yen Tai/Image Gallery
    • Marvin Crosby/Image Gallery
    • Rogers/Image Gallery
    • Senator Kippard/Image Gallery
    • Skip/Image Gallery
    • Willard Evanstine/Image Gallery
    • Wookie/Image Gallery
    • Griffin Callenreese/Image Gallery
    • Alexis Dawson/Image Gallery
    • Frank Sanchez/Image Gallery
    • Frankie/Image Gallery
    • Ricardo/Image Gallery
    • Garvey/Image Gallery
    • Suk-Leui/Image Gallery
    • Natasha Karsavina/Image Gallery
    • Bull/Image Gallery
    • McMurphy/Image Gallery
    • Gregory/Image Gallery
    • Steven LLOYD/Image Gallery
    • Sonny/Image Gallery
    • Shao Ti/Image Gallery
    • John Lee/Image Gallery
    • Akira Ibe/Image Gallery
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    • That’s a good idea since the information from even minor characters are reflective of the world of Banana Fish. They do have an overall bearing on the story and literally everything should be detailed for the wiki.

      As for image gallery pages, those like Skip could have everything on one long page, and yet would it be crowded? You would be surprised at how many people do live by the general too long didn’t read non-mantra, so perhaps breaking up the content for that reason and to also help with navigation (image galleries in their own episode galleries for example) would be helpful for them.

      If you feel character pages would have a better layout with image galleries separate then by all means go for it. If there can be another 100 pages gathered, and more significantly, if there is someone who can commit to them that is also a plan as well.

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