• Wow, I love your profile picture that you've updated. The picture fits you very well, especially Mika and Yu. Man it's been awhile since I've seen that show. I love the change, not that your old profile pic was bad or anything, but sometimes change can be good. And I like your taste of things!

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    • Thanks, especially love it as well! Whilst I should really change my display image as often as you do, kind of get attached and might miss the ever present all important image you know? Haha, do have the previous display image secure elsewhere and changed to commemorate scoring the 365 badge on Seraph of the End!

      Don't want to jinx it or anything but always good to encourage others to get them so hopefully will go well on other wikis like here, too! Also here the profile images appear in page previews so keep them alternated since I find them nice to see!

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    • No problem my friend. I totally understand where you're coming from with displaying your image on the character profile picture, it can be a bit sad missing the old image. But, you can probably upload and save the photo in a file, that way you can change and keep track on some of your favorite pictures whenever you want to change your profile picture.

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    • It's all good, needless sentimentality when there are other images such as the current one to love just as much and fully alleviated since can change it back at any time!

      Your current display image is pretty sweet, too!

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    • Thanks, It's Louis from King of Prism: Shiny Seven Stars.

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    • Nicey nice! 'Pride Louis ver.' is a cool name for sure, will have to put watching King of Prism: Shiny Seven Stars on the calendar!

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    • That would be great that you're giving the anime a chance, But I would watch the first two movies, King of Prism by Pretty Rhythm & King of Prism Pride the Hero before starting with the episodes because everything happens before. That way you don't get confused with the whole story. They have some very good songs in the anime though, which I like because most modern day music that is played on the radio, doesn't seem to interest me or my taste.

      Do you have any plans for the 4th of July? Because I'm going to be traveling next week to see my sister which will be about a 14-15 hour drive, unless me and my family are going to stop at different cities.

      So, I won't really be able to do any major edits and uploads with my phone besides editing my profile page in order to obtain the "daily badges." I'll have to record the day count that I'm currently on and try my best to check on the wiki because of the time zones.

      I'll probably be back by either Saturday or Sunday night from the long trip. I don't really enjoy the long travels and hours it takes to get their when you're just stuck in a car or plane with very little room. Maybe I'll enjoy traveling as I get older, but for now, it just doesn't seem to be one of my favorite things.

      Anyways, I have about till Tuesday or Wednesday to pack and leave, But I hope that you have a very good & Happy 4TH of July with seeing the fireworks and spending time with friends & family during the summer!

      *Note* Also found this tweet on Pinterest that you might find funny!
      Banana Fish Roses are Red

      DragonKestrel 🐉

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    • Oh WOOOOOW, one of the admins, Manuel de la Fuente, got rid of my collection of badges on the Attack on Titan Wiki because I have been "Farming badges."

      I'm just trying to express myself as an individual on my user page because other people are doing edits on articles & what not. I can see that we're going to play this game again with how I'm not able to edit on the HunterxHunter Wiki. Admins and people on Fandom are strict AF on their Wiki's. Pardon my language, but it's true. This is the 3rd time I've been stopped by my actions from other users for doing things my way.

      At least, you, myself,Ephaporia, Craneface and other fellow users hopefully don't turn up like them where we encourage others to do as they please with their edits, but need to be checked by their use of information.

      It's almost like they're taking that right as "us" individuals on how things should be a certain way. I mean, I understand that everyone needs to be able to agree and come upon with these terms, but, I'm sort of getting dictatorship vibes. I mean, I know I shouldn't really bring it up with how past leaders of different countries treated their people wrong, but just because a certain person wants to run things their way and express their own feelings thoughts to others, doesn't mean that admins & other users should just take that away.

      I mean might as well just leave some of the Wiki's just like how a left the previous two, Boku no hero Academia & HunterxHunter and by how other people want me to do things because I'm pass caring.

      Sorry, If you had to listen and read my arguments, but I couldn't just keep it to myself and let it slide. I had to have confidence & to stand up to what I believe was right & make sure that other users don't get affected by this. Because we all have a voice!

      DragonKestrel 🐉

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    • For sure always nice to embrace everything good so definitely up for seeing it! That was the uncertainty I guess is the word; it seemed to be a series thing with prequels, spin-offs and based on another Prism series? Didn’t know where to begin, which parts to watch and so. But it’s two movies and the anime for the complete King of Prism series? Anime songs would certainly be nice, I get what you mean, there are good songs from every type of genre yet not everyone digs the radio. Anime ones would certainly be new and would love to hear them. More so with Given coming up, never really thought how they could use actual songs in an anime… though most of them do in some way, funny, huh.

      That is a fantastic thing you are travelling, embrace it as a 15-hour scenic view of the landscape! All the better that you get to see different cities, bring a camera for the sights, talk about cool things along the way or listen to music, read anything on your phone (if you have an iPad or something just download a load of free classic books to read on iBooks) loads of things to do! Remember to make a note on your phone of your login details for Fandom just in case you accidentally log out, bear in mind time changes in different locations, and finding moments to update the streak will be easy!

      Be sure to enjoy all the thrills of traveling, have the journey just as fun as the end destination, having something to do means you don’t even keep track of the time since you are focused on that. Then of course it’s all the thrills of July 4th so that shall be extra awesome!

      Now, that Valentine’s image is the quintessential Banana Fish moment, truly sublime. Even amongst all the tension and high stakes scenarios can still manage a saccharine sweet gesture like that, ah, so romantic! XD The thing is it could have actually happened in the anime as well, have to love it!

      Just as much as loving the dragon beside your username!

      Whilst you will get to see your badge images that you have put in the effort to get (they just disappear during the block period and become visible again when it is over) can only see the bright side or look to a better vision (or create your own) in the face of scenarios that are set. The rules to discourage badge gathering unless they result from actions to directly improve the wiki may very well have served these sites well in the past. With the genre shift with badges to begin with, then Discussions and other ways to take part on the wiki, if only you can appreciate the benefits of collecting badges just because, so be it. Remember your irons in other fires and say thank you for the experience; it’s helped you decide you have a better for you method. At least the wikis you manage are free for people to attain the contribute daily badges uninterrupted.

      Might be a stretch with the dictator vibes haha, from those wiki perspectives it is likely to ensure that people on the scoreboard are those who have built the wiki. They may have seen people add 1,000 of the same image, added 1000 edits that don’t help the wiki then declared themselves the best user on account of their high badge score. Sure that doesn’t apply to you; it’s just nice to gather the badges for the badge image gallery just because and you are not after boasting rights, not even to be on the board, just want to gather them because why not, that’s clear. Suppose where we see that it’s nice to support people in gaining really hard to attain contribute daily badges, other wikis see attempts to boost their personal score without adding anything to the wiki. It’s an easy and instantaneous response though just focus on other wikis; thankfully the Attack on Titan Wiki already has plenty of users to build and detail the site to support the Attack on Titan series. Which frees us up to support other series that need it, supporting the actual content in question is paramount.

      Fine to blow off steam, but also better to think right away what you can do now. Simply turning your attention to other wikis is the best outlook. Those wikis and every last person on them are fine; you need to do what is right for you and the wikis that you can make a difference on.

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    • Thank you very much for taking the time to read and understand the situations I've been going through, it really means a lot to me when I'm able to talk to the people I truly trust. Now, if you have any problems yourself that you are facing alone and want to talk about, I'll always be by your side no matter what. I'm really glad that you enjoyed that little tweet and the dragon emoji because their are different versions of the emoji depending on the device and software.

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    • Hey if it helps, great! It is always good to articulate what's on your mind, if only to say that was good now time to focus on even better things namely the many other areas you are involved in.

      Yes that tweet was spot on! Your dragon emoji as well, the Community Central Wiki has forums for support requests so would definitely encourage you to ask there on how to make the dragon emoji a permanent part of your signature if you like. Seems perfect to use on the Wings of Fire Wiki!

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    • Maybe It would be good to include!

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    • Whichever you like! There are loads of customisation options, usually tailored to what you want specifically, like a dragon emoji in a signature in this case. Also good to try different things on different wikis since you could have, say a global signature that would be used everywhere, or just on the one wiki.

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    • A FANDOM user
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