• So I was watching a series called King of Prism: Shiny Seven Stars(definetly recommend you watch this one if you like to watch boys competing on stage by dancing,singing, etc. But you should watch King of Prism by Pretty Rhythm first before the one I mentioned because King of Prism is a sequel to King of Prism by Pretty Rhythm.) and I came across a character that looked like Yut-Lung. His name is Yukinojō Tachibana. I decided to use his base design and make him look like Yut-Lung. I just felt the need to do it. And it looks exactly like him if you picture Yut-Lung singing and dancing.
    Yukinojō Tachibana
    Yut-Lung ref
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    • Yut is a sweet yummy candy bar!
      Seems to have ice skating like Yuri!!! on Ice so off to a good start!

      Now as for Yut taking to the stage, which is exactly what he has done here, first love that he dyed his hair but he is fooling no one changing his name in his new venture here!

      This on the right is naturally Yu's routine and he scores 10/10 every time!

      Not only is this an amazing find, love that you made it undeniable showing that it truly is Yut by changing his hair back XD Definitely a good idea for you to add this to the wikis blogs! 'Yut has taken to the stage!' or 'Yut's new venture!' are just two suggestions for titles.

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    • Lol, love the Candy Bar image as Yut-Lung replaces Ash in the Candy Bar song!

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    • It is the definition of incredible! Would you mind posting the resemblance to Yut and that anime in a blog post? I can add that image, and only ask since it's good to share as part of the wider wiki. I can post a blog for next month since so long as there are some down to show that area is still active that can be nice.

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    • Okay.

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    • Just copied my comment too, good to secure there for even more people to see so that's a good thing done!

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    • A FANDOM user
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