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Infobox character is an infobox template appropriate for use with character pages.


Cut and paste the entirety of this blank form into the source code on a character page. Then, fill out whichever variables apply to that character. It's okay if some of the variables are left empty, but do not fill them in with unknown.

At the bottom of the infobox -- after the closing curly brackets (}}) -- we've also included a skeletal form for the body of the page. Depending on the character, some of these sections may not apply. If they don't, feel free to delete them.

{{Infobox character
|name           =
|image          =
|katakana       =
|kanji          =
|romaji         =
|alias          =
|status         =
|gender         =
|age            =
|birthday       =
|height         =
|weight         =
|hair color     =
|eye color      =
|vision         =
|laterality     =
|bloodtype      =
|classification =
|nationality    =
|languages      =
|affiliation    =
|family         =
|partner        =
|anime          =
|manga          =
|japanese       =
|english        =
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a [[:Category:Characters|character]] in ''[[Banana Fish]]''.
== History ==
== Story ==
== Relationships ==
== Etymology ==
== Gallery ==
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