Shorter Wong's perspective in Banana Fish.

Story Edit

Shorter Wong comes across Ash Lynx at E 9 ST. He is chewing yellow bubblegum as he notices Ash is up early, and asks if something is up. Hearing Ash went to see old man Dino, Shorter guesses that Ash much have been butting heads with Marvin again. He advises Ash to be careful with him, stating that Marvin is vindictive, and saying that he is gay. Continuing on that track, Shorter goes on to say that Marvin has a thing for green-eyed blonds, traits of which Ash happens to have. Shorter strokes his hair and snickers that he will definitely go bald when Ash tells him to stop worrying or that will be the case.[1]

References Edit

  1. Episode 01 A Perfect Day for Bananafish
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