Welcome, profile Guidelines for the Banana Fish wiki.

Accounts are afforded their own Profile and Message wall. Here are some guidelines on what could be included.

Personal Profile Edit

This is an area set aside for you to have as you see fit. As well as being able to add text, images, galleries and other features like with article pages it will also show your badge image gallery and progress to the next one.

Pages you are following either by editing them or opting to follow them can be viewed. They are handy to keep a track of areas you are working on and receive notifications for messages.

Choosing “See all >” will allow you to do so, they can also be removed if you want to update the list. “Following” pages can also be viewed by choosing it next to the “Contributions” tab.

Popular pages such as those currently rending are also available to be seen on your profile.

Profile Guidelines Edit

By choosing “Edit profile” or the drop down arrow “Classic editor” your profile may be edited to your liking not limited to the following suggestions:

  • Areas of the wiki you are currently working on, such as a certain characters page, manga chapter and so forth.
  • Fan art or official images and/or gifs of anything related to Banana Fish in galleries, by themselves or any layout you like.
  • Favorite pages and an introduction to yourself as the default Profile suggests.
  • Anything you like, the more creative the better!

Though good faith is assumed if you do spot content that is against terms of use on profiles kindly report it to an admin.

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