Welcome to the Guidelines for Message Walls.

Message Walls Edit

Your message wall is public for you and others to see and discuss topics. By all means request help from anyone, make suggestions on areas you would like to see developed and the direction you would like the wiki to take. 

Collaboration is key to building the wiki so at this point in time, message walls are the ideal means of planning and carrying out edits with everyone.

What Can be Done on Message Walls Edit

  • Source editor is able to be used on message walls.
  • Text can be bold and/or in italics and linked whether to pages on the wiki or to external links.
  • Images may be added in the same manner as article pages.
  • gifs and videos are able to be added.

Kindly Note Edit

With the message wall being a part of the wiki and more than likely messages will be taken part in by more than one person, messages are not to be deleted unless it is done to remove inappropriate content. The material may be significant in developing the wiki and belong to all who take part.

Though good faith is assumed if you do spot content that is against terms of use on message walls kindly report it to an admin.

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