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  • Until recently there seems to be something going wrong with the Character's info boxes. They seem to not want to appear and finds a problem with "parsing" the info box. I'm not sure how to handle this situation if we need to start back from scratch or by contacting Fandom. Here is an example:

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    • This one, to fix the problem as it was previously we could see the There is a problem with parsing the infobox message then scrolling down at line 77 the issue was shown. Checking the history shows which edit made the message appear, which was when data was removed which causes the content to disappear since the code is looking for the <data> and </data> values but one was absent. Kind of like how both reference tags are needed <ref> </ref> otherwise the code decides to just hide everything. All sorted now!

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    • Thank you very much for helping out!

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  • Hey Serofee! Just checking in, please see Thread:14047

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  • Merry Christmas everyone, and Happy New Year 2020. I hope this fandom still exist

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    • Trust you had a lovely day! The wiki stands as a source of information, and all are free to expand on the content, well done to you as well for helping to make it what it is!

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    • Amen! And thanks! Let's make this fandom gonna be useful

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  • Hi there!

    I've just noticed that I've been blocked from commenting and editing. I've realized my mistake, that when I edited a page, I might have edited an earlier version, not the latest one. I'm terribly sorry and will pay attention to this in the future.

    Only my IP was blocked, so I was able to log in from elsewhere to contact you. I'd be very grateful if you could help me with this problem. I'll copy the message I got:

    "You cannot add a comment to the article.

    Your user name or IP address has been blocked.

    The block was made by VSTF.

    Reason given: "This username or IP address is prevented from editing across the entire FANDOM network due to vandalism or other disruption.
    If you believe this is in error, please contact FANDOM.
    The blocker also gave this additional reason: Sockpuppet.

    Start of block: 13:29, August 25, 2019
    Expiry of block: 13:29, November 25, 2019
    Intended blockee: Block ID: #449815
    Current IP address:

    You can contact VSTF or another administrator to discuss the block. Please include all details in the above box in any queries you make."

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    • Hey hey, are you currently blocked now and are you sure it’s on the Banana Fish Wiki? Even from the description sounding like your account got caught up in an IP range block, there is nothing I can see to suggest that - your account is not even showing that it is blocked for instance.

      In any case as the description says you can contact Fandom staff on the Contact us on the top right of the Zendesk area (a good idea just in case range blocks are used again on other accounts that you could get caught in). There is also the VSTF Wiki if it is preventing you editing on any other wiki.

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    • Turns out it was an IP block but since you were able to write that, and that it has been lifted anyway, you should be okay to edit once more!

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  • How we should give celebration for Ash Lynx's birthday? i can't write the discussion anymore

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    • Explain what you can, screenshots are helpful.

      In Discussions on your phone view have you tried choosing the plus + sign at the bottom right of the screen?

      When on a Discussions post the way to reply remains along the bottom of the screen with "What do you think?" next to your display image.

      Easy to overlook when used to the computer layout, but worth checking if there!

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    • OK then. Thanks for your suggestion then. I will do it next time since my country is in the night.

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  • WOW! Congrats for your 365 badge. Great job for your contribution on Banana Fish Fandom

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    • Thanks! Seems a long time and is certainly is on paper, and yet with contributing daily being as natural as any other hobby, excellent that is never was a trial or anything to achieve. That it could have reset, like at day 364/365 is a daunting thought, but as the blog says if you can do it for two days you can do it for the full 365 so everyone else enjoy attaining the badges that only a few ever achieve!

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  • I've been going through the anime in case we missed a few things and writing the summaries for the episodes. I've come across and added a few pages for the wiki because I thought on creating them, but I wanted to get your input on it, incase it would be a good chance for someone else to get the "Pounce" badge but, nobody except for a few of us have been editing pages on the Banana Fish Wiki. If you want, we could create a page of the articles that are wanted so other users including us can work on them. Here are the List of Pages, a total of 48 pages:

    • Jake Smolinski (Missing Kid Poster)
    • William Li (Missing Kid Poster)
    • Andy Jenkins (Missing Kid Poster)
    • Kevin Neilson (Missing Kid Poster)
    • Theodore Waters (Missing Kid Poster)
    • Kasey Turnbridge (Missing Kid Poster)
    • Billy Corden (Missing Kid Poster)
    • Harold Miller (Missing Kid Poster)
    • Jeff Anderson (Missing Kid Poster)
    • Sam Jacobson (Missing Kid Poster)
    • Andre Velasquez (Missing Kid Poster)
    • John Larner (Missing Kid Poster)
    • Alexis Smith (Missing Kid Poster)
    • Jason Wong (Missing Kid Poster)
    • Jackson Green (Missing Kid Poster)
    • George Scott/Image Gallery
    • Lee Wang Lung/Image Gallery
    • Lee Hua Lung/Image Gallery
    • Abraham Dawson/Image Gallery
    • Bones/Image Gallery
    • Charlie Dickinson/Image Gallery
    • Eduardo L. Fox/Image Gallery
    • Frederick Arthur/Image Gallery
    • Jennifer/Image Gallery
    • Jim Callenreese/Image Gallery
    • Kong/Image Gallery
    • Lao Yen Tai/Image Gallery
    • Marvin Crosby/Image Gallery
    • Rogers/Image Gallery
    • Senator Kippard/Image Gallery
    • Skip/Image Gallery
    • Willard Evanstine/Image Gallery
    • Wookie/Image Gallery
    • Griffin Callenreese/Image Gallery
    • Alexis Dawson/Image Gallery
    • Frank Sanchez/Image Gallery
    • Frankie/Image Gallery
    • Ricardo/Image Gallery
    • Garvey/Image Gallery
    • Suk-Leui/Image Gallery
    • Natasha Karsavina/Image Gallery
    • Bull/Image Gallery
    • McMurphy/Image Gallery
    • Gregory/Image Gallery
    • Steven LLOYD/Image Gallery
    • Sonny/Image Gallery
    • Shao Ti/Image Gallery
    • John Lee/Image Gallery
    • Akira Ibe/Image Gallery
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    • That’s a good idea since the information from even minor characters are reflective of the world of Banana Fish. They do have an overall bearing on the story and literally everything should be detailed for the wiki.

      As for image gallery pages, those like Skip could have everything on one long page, and yet would it be crowded? You would be surprised at how many people do live by the general too long didn’t read non-mantra, so perhaps breaking up the content for that reason and to also help with navigation (image galleries in their own episode galleries for example) would be helpful for them.

      If you feel character pages would have a better layout with image galleries separate then by all means go for it. If there can be another 100 pages gathered, and more significantly, if there is someone who can commit to them that is also a plan as well.

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    • Ooh super intriguing and cool! Not only an official tour of New York City for Banana Fish locations but receiving an award for sharing such an experience as well!

      That will be excellent to detail on an article page both to document a significant Banana Fish event and show where in a real world setting these scenarios took place, which will be really informative. It’s the type of information people may gloss over and never have it really sink in of what is occurring and where, how vital details can be overlooked, eh.

      Still some lovely warranted recognition for Banana Fish, wonderful to the maximum!

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    • Really? Wow!!! That's Great!!! Good job, BF!

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  • Wow, I love your profile picture that you've updated. The picture fits you very well, especially Mika and Yu. Man it's been awhile since I've seen that show. I love the change, not that your old profile pic was bad or anything, but sometimes change can be good. And I like your taste of things!

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    • Maybe It would be good to include!

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    • Whichever you like! There are loads of customisation options, usually tailored to what you want specifically, like a dragon emoji in a signature in this case. Also good to try different things on different wikis since you could have, say a global signature that would be used everywhere, or just on the one wiki.

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  • So I was watching a series called King of Prism: Shiny Seven Stars(definetly recommend you watch this one if you like to watch boys competing on stage by dancing,singing, etc. But you should watch King of Prism by Pretty Rhythm first before the one I mentioned because King of Prism is a sequel to King of Prism by Pretty Rhythm.) and I came across a character that looked like Yut-Lung. His name is Yukinojō Tachibana. I decided to use his base design and make him look like Yut-Lung. I just felt the need to do it. And it looks exactly like him if you picture Yut-Lung singing and dancing.
    Yukinojō Tachibana
    Yut-Lung ref
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    • Okay.

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    • Just copied my comment too, good to secure there for even more people to see so that's a good thing done!

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