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  • Bio Hey there, my name is Tyler. I'm a Wiki Manager in the Anime Team. Contact me if you need anything!
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  • Hi! With the wiki background that is a Halloween one that can probably be filed away until the next one. Theme Designer doesn't seem to have wanted to save the previous backgrounds though. See the sides of this image, that would be best for the wiki now. Ash (blond hair) is on the official site, the manga addition here whereas for Eiji (dark hair) this image may be best since all of him is visible unlike in the other, with this for the manga. That would be best for the wiki now and solves the issue of the transparent background!

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    • Thank you for your lovely efforts! Is it possible to have the anime versions of the characters? Again this one with Ash's gun visible, and the full image of Eiji would probably be best especially in that layout so they can appear on the sides (the content page area would eventually need to be changed to non transparent white to match the source material). Don't worry if not, I understand you may have other commitments and can only spend so much time on one area.

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    • Yeah, I'm actually a bit backed up right now. Double-project is up for me. I can send you the PSD file I have set up, but I think Ash's gun was removed for some reason or another, I didn't look to into it that much. Main reason was cutting the characters from the images would have taken too much time for me, and to be honest I really liked the style of the sketches (which is also in the anime-style).

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