Max Lobo's actions and perspectives during the events of the Banana Fish story.

Story Edit

Max is stationed in Iraq, at night he stands within a bombed building beside a make shift campfire with fellow soldiers singing “Oh, my darling Clementine”. With flashes in the distance he calmly remarks to the others that there is bombing occurring again, he replies to a fellow solider he can’t wait to get back to the States.

He listens to soldiers discuss the fate of a man called Billy who died from the effects of a drug before interrupting the conversation to ask where Griffin is, and turns as he himself arrives in a doorway. Max tells tells him not to scare him, and that was one long piss. Griffin says nothing and the soldiers continue to discuss leaving in three days as Max refocuses on Griffin, he asks him what’s wrong. Max gasps as he realises that Griffin has picked up one of the guns and at once begins gunning down everyone around him. He calls out to Griffin and has to be restrained by one of the men as he intended to run towards Griffin firing all around. Max takes a moment to see Griffin as he continues firing, before looking to a hand gun then aiming at Griffin then shooting him in the thigh.

He approaches Griffin and stops the remaining soldier, Max knows that something is wrong. He kneels down to Griffins eye level and asks him if he knows who he is, that it’s Max, his buddy. He is further confused to hear Griffin only able to faintly utter the words “Banana Fish”.[1]

References Edit

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