This gang member and an accomplice were part of Ash's gang though was tasked by Golzine to murder a targeted man.



He had short messy light brown hair with his varied length fringe coming close to his eyebrows in parts. He wore a light blue shirt underneath a dark purple hued jacket with a darker purple collar and ends of his sleeves. It had buttons but he wore the jacket open and there were pockets on wither side. He also had blue trousers and white shoes with laces and cream colored sole with no socks visible.


He was willing to follow others orders over his boss, Ash Lynx and go behind his back. He was afraid when he came across Ash but willing to advise his fellow gang member not to answer his questions.


At some point he came to be a part of Ash's gang in New York City.


He along with another gang member chase after a man after he had been stabbed. He says "this way" as they come across him and keeps his hand in his coat pocket though no weapon is seen. He is surprised to see and is asked by Ash who is also present what the heck is going on. When told to answer he exchanges a nervous side glance with the gang member with him and shakes his head not to reply. His attention turns back to Ash as he hears him cock a gun in his jacket pocket and tells him to wait, don’t shoot. When his accomplice tells him Dino told them to do it, they all scatter as police sirens are heard.

The next day he is next seen kneeling against a wall as Ash fires warning shots on either side of his accomplices head, missing on purpose. He is sweaty in apprehension but can only stare open mouthed as his accomplice does the talking to Ash, and many other gang members including Alex and Bones. Though the action was viewed as a betrayal, and that he was involved with the murder of someone his life is nevertheless spared. 


Gang Member (Two)Edit

They were close enough to carry out an attempted then successful murder together. They decided amongst themselves whether to tell the truth to Ash, of which he at first advised he should not.

Ash LynxEdit

His gang leader, he was fearful of Ash seeing with the man they were to kill. He was prepared to withold information on him, though the fear would return when being shot at by Ash later.

Dino GolzineEdit

The mafia don who he was working for instead of Ash in this case to murder Golzine's target.

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