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Eiji stares in wonder watching an airplane depart before he is snapped out of his day dream-like state with Ibe calling for him to board a plane of their own. The two make it to New York and meet with Ibe's friend Charlie. Skip takes the two to a bar where they are able to find Ash Lynx, the person they are supposed to interview. They get ready to start ask questions and take pictures when Ash calls Eiji a little kid. Eiji responds that he is older than him, and Ash said he looks very childlike. When the bar is attacked by Arthur and some of his men, he and Skip try to escape through the back when they get caught. Eiji doesn't realize how big of a mess he got himself into as a kidnapper beside him is shot through the back of the head.

He and Skip are taken to an abandoned warehouse where they are used as bait to lure Ash and await his arrival. Skip explains that Marvin has a thing for Ash. Skip and Eiji are thrown into a room, and Ash gets thrown inside after getting whipped by Marvin. Eiji tends to his injuries and watches as Ash knocks Marvin out when he returns, and the three make a run for it. Arthur's men chase after them, but they reach a dead end. Eiji sees a long pipe, and pulls it away from the wall, telling the two that he knows how to pole vault, and will do it over the looming wall in front of them. Skip tells him that he shouldn't risk his life doing that, and Eiji says he would rather risk his life trying to save them. He successfully pole vaults over the wall, leaving Skip and in particular Ash speechless. Although Eiji's cry of pain was heard as he landed on top of some crates, he simply pulls out a shard of glass that had stabbed him in the arm. He calls for them to hang on and that he will get help.

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