The Banana Fish wiki has Fandoms Chat feature where people are free to discuss what they like. It can be joined by choosing “Join the Chat” or “Start a Chat” on the right of the page, alternatively by choosing Special:Chat after the / in the wikis URL address or by clicking here.

Chat operates as an almost instant messaging service for faster communication. Typing text and choosing the Return or Enter key will send your message where people within the Chat area may reply to.

Profiles of those present may be viewed as well as an option to send people private messages. Private messages can be blocked, or allowed with will extend to all Chat rooms across Fandom. Administrators, Chat moderators, and Discussions Moderators are able to exercise the following:

  • Kick will remove the selected user out of chat, except if they are Admins, Chat Moderators, and Discussions Moderators themselves.
  • Ban can ban an account for a set amount of time. Though mediation is better than banning they can be set from 2 hours to infinite as well as a reason as to why. If one is banned take time to consider why but feel free to request clarification. To unban someone, an administrator or chat moderator can view the user’s contributions page and click the “unban from chat” option where they may take part once more.

There are various options in chat and the options above are only mentioned to as help improve could be better behaviour if it even arises. 

Enjoy using Chat!

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