Welcome to the guidelines for blogs on the Banana Fish wiki.

What to use Blogs for Edit

The wiki is an encyclopaedia containing official information, nevertheless there are areas set aside for personal use of which people are free to take part in however they please. To that end, blogs may be anything not limited to the following suggestions:

  • Commentaries and opinions on the series: Opinions as to what the themes of Banana Fish are, why you feel some paths took the direction they did, how the series delivers the points you feel it makes.
  • Specific moments in the series: If there is a specific moment/s or scenes in the manga or anime you like, blogs are useful to elaborate what you like about them. 
  • In depth discussions: On side stories and additional Banana Fish related materials in depth.
  • Fan fiction: Article pages are for official information yet fan fiction is fine on blogs. Stories on characters in specific places, outcomes you would like to see, share your creativity!
  • Fan art: Official images, fan made images, decorate blogs with them all.
  • Thoughts and Opinions on Announcements: Banana Fish has various side materials released from real life events, merchandise, awards the series has been nominated in to Blu-rays and DVDs being released, discuss thoughts about them in blogs!

Enjoy making creative and insightful blogs from the above, questions, theories anything you like.

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