Blocking can temporarily or permanently prohibit an account from editing and here are the guidelines if accounts require blocking on the Banana Fish wiki.

Who May Issue Blocks Edit

Administrators, staff and members of the VSTD are able to issue blocks, the latter two are able to issue IP blocks which can stop edits across all Fandom wikis for a device.

When Blocking May be Required Edit

On the Banana Fish wiki, administrators would never block out of malice, the blocking tool would not be used to issue punishment on users. The block would only be added out of necessity such as if vandalism were occurring or a bot had gone haywire and was mass editing pages. 

Though the best is always assumed of people and reformation is always the only option the block can be requested by users or issued if the following conduct is discovered:

  • Personal attacks, Harassment and Racism.
  • Continuous vandalism of pages/articles.
  • Conduct against Fandoms terms of use would be picked up upon by the site.

If such conduct is exhibited a suggestion to step in the right direction would be given to accounts that show conduct against the excellent standards the wiki is accustomed to (they would be warned). Admins would bear in mind that accounts may be compromised by another person, and perhaps users may not recognise how certain behaviour could be an issue.

Blocks are there just in case, though blockable actions would be reported to Fandom and so as it stands there is no need for administration to use blocks because everyone is working well on the wiki anyway.

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