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Page LayoutEdit

Guidelines for different aspects of this wiki.


  • Wikis are meant to be encyclopedias of their topic. As such, the pages should be written factually and free of speculation.
  • Headings are not to be bolded
  • The navigational template is best placed on every page, excluding the main page.


Please do not add new types of categories without confirmation from an admin. There are specific categories meant for each page.

  • Character Pages: "Characters," and either "Female," or "Male"
  • Location Pages: "Locations"
  • Images: Either "Art," or "Episode #" For example, a screenshot from episode would have the category "Episode 02."
  • Music or song Pages: "Music"
  • Episode Pages: "Episodes"


  • Official images are for the article pages.
  • Edited and fan art is nice on User areas such as Profiles, Message Walls, Blogs to Discussions.
  • Each image should either have the category "Episode #" or "Art."
  • Each image from episodes should be added to the image gallery of their page in the order they appear in-episode.
  • Screenshots are ideal without being cropped or edited.

Character Pages Edit

Each character page should start with either

{{Infobox character
|name        =
|image       =
|kanji       =
|romaji      =
|alias       =
|gender      =
|age         =
|birthday    =
|height      =
|weight      =
|hair color  =
|eye color   =
|vision      =
|laterality  =
|bloodtype   =
|affiliation =
|family      =
|anime       =
|manga       =
|japanese    =
|english     =
}}'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a [[:Category:Characters|character]] in ''[[Banana Fish]]''.
== Story ==
== Relationships ==
== Etymology ==
== Gallery ==


  • name: The character's full name.
  • image: An image of the character's face (full profiles are placed in their 'Appearance' area.
  • kanji: The character's name in kanji, hiragana, or katakana. If in kanji or read differently than to how it's written, the template "r" can be used.
  • Romaji: Only necessary if the romanization is different than their name.
  • laterality: Is the character right, left handed or ambidextrous.
  • affiliation: Their Plantation or if they're members of the government.
  • anime: The first episode of the Banana Fish anime the character appears in.
  • manga: The first chapter of the Banana Fish manga the character appears in.

Profile Edit


The appearance section is for the character's physical appearance and clothing.


Details on how the character acts, their general disposition and traits.

History Edit

A history of the person up until the events of the Banana Fish story.

Story Edit

The past of the character and current events. This will be an overview of their entire role in the story with full elaboration on a separate page to afford the details and mitigate spoilers.

Relationships Edit

The relationship between the character and other characters. Note: This should not be a play-by-play of all their interactions. It should be their general feelings towards each other as the series progresses.

Etymology Edit

Name origin and the meaning behind the character's name.

Episode Appearances Edit

The episodes that the character has appeared in. Use the appearances template.

Gallery Edit

Pictures of the character placed in the gallery. Six official images can be placed on the page, with a separate page for anime, manga and magazine images.

Quotes Edit

Quotes from the character. Please use the Quote template.

Trivia Edit

A section for things that do not fit in other sections. This is a difficult section to edit properly, as it can easily be done wrong. In general...

  • Speculation is best on User areas notably blogs, Message Walls and Discussions.
  • Similarities to other characters, either in BANANA FISH or any other media is good to discuss in User areas.

References Edit

A list of all references from official sources are gathered here.

Navigation Edit

Navigation template

Episode Pages Edit

{{Infobox episode
|name                =
|image               =
|kanji               =
|romaji              =
|airdate             =
|manga               =
|opening             =
|ending              =

|script              =
|storyboard          =
|director            =
|director assistant  =
|animation           =
|animation assistant =
|previous            =
|next                =
}}'''Title''' is the fourteenth episode of ''[[BANANA FISH]]''.
''Main Article: [[{{PAGENAME}}/Images|{{PAGENAME}} images]]''


  • The best summaries simply explain the story!
  • Story plots are written in the narrative present—that is, in the present tense as the story unfolds.
  • The basic structure of many narrative plots includes a lengthy middle section during which characters repeatedly get in and out of trouble on their way to the climactic encounter.

References Edit

  • Referencing is a good thing to get to grips with: after a point, in the source editor (the three horizontal bars beside the “Cancel” and “Save page” when editing a page) simply type:

<ref>the text you want to appear</ref>​

Also, under the "References" heading on the article, add:


To gather the references in one section. Here is further information on referencing.


{{Infobox chapter
|name     =
|image    =
|kanji    =
|romaji   =
|volume   =
|chapter  =
|overall  =
|release  =
|anime    =
|previous =
|next     =
}}'''Title''' is the fourteenth chapter of ''[[BANANA FISH]]''.
''Main Article: [[{{PAGENAME}}/Images|{{PAGENAME}} images]]''
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