Ash Lynx's perspective and actions in the story of Banana Fish.

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Ash Lynx walks through the alleyways of New York City, he notices a man stumble and runs over when he collapses. He asks if he is okay before quickly concluding he is not seeing heavy bleeding on the mans back. Ash is requested to take a vial of an unknown substance and hears an address: 42 Westwood, Los Angeles. Ash is surprised and asks how the man knows that certain information. Before he can gain his answer the man dies in front of him and Ash asks two gang members who have come across them both what is going on. He demands they answer him and seeing one shake his head at the other not to tell Ash, he motions his gun concealed in his hoody pocket. He hears Dino ordered them to do it but before he can press further he instructs them to get lost as they hear police sirens and he says he will talk to Dino.

In the morning, Ash approaches Dino’s mansion and comes across Marvin stationed outside. He tells him he came to see Dino noting that the old get up so early in the morning. Ash brushes off Marvin’s demand that he address Dino as ‘Papa’ Dino, saying he came to see him and not Marvin. Ash stops as Marvin enquires whether he is going to make more of those videos, and swears at him after hearing Marvin was a fan.

He follows a guard to Dino’s dining room as he finds him at breakfast. Ash is not here to join him in that, rather for business. He does not move when Dino reminds him again to take his hands out his pockets when he is speaking to him though relents taking his jacket off when Golzine suggests that his men do it for him. With that done, Ash asks Golzine why he made the gang members carry out a hit. Ash does react well to hearing that the man was a nobody and angrily knocks Golzine's breakfast off the table wrathful that a man is dead. He remains fixed on Golzine even as his guards armed with guns drawn come in to investigate the commotion.

Ash explains that the issue is not that he was left out, rather that Dino promised he would not kill anybody. He remains seated as he shares that he found out since the guys were acting funny so he had his eyes on them. Ash is praised for this hearing that it is how to become a boss, and that he is cut out to be a leader as Golzine places his hand on his shoulder.

When said to, he agrees he will put his right arm to good use, by helping Golzine to walk. Ash apologizes for having a bad memory when he hears he used to cry like a baby when told to do anything. He is reminded it was Golzine who picked him off the streets as he caresses his cheeks addressing him as ‘sweetheart’.

Ash is on his phone near E9 street and as he drinks some cola he looks to Shorter Wong who has called his name. He greets him asking him what’s up and explains he is up early as he just went to see old man Dino. He brushes off Shorter's warnings about butting heads with Marvin again, throwing his empty bottle into the bin Ash takes off on his motorcycle telling Shorter to stop worrying or he’ll go bald.

Ash knocks on a door and is answered by Skip. Entering his own apartment where Skip has been keeping guard whilst he was out, he asks him if there has been any news. He hears from Skip that Charlie called to say the Japanese guy is coming to day after tomorrow for an interview with Ash. He answers that he said no to the magazine but is alleviated by Skip that now the cops will owe him one and replies that’s fine then. Ash asks if there is anything else and hears everything is as usual, including ‘him’ too. He thanks Skip and reaches into his pocket before pausing. He answers Skip that nothings wrong when Skip notices and offers him some cash. Before leaving Ash hears from Skip that there is a rumor that Arthur had something to do with what happened, though Ash already figured. He acknowledges that he will have to settle things with him some time soon. He bids later to Skip and alone on his bed he pulls out the chain with an ornament attached that he received from the dying man.

Ash sits at his desk, rolling the vial contemplatively. He shakes it to hear something inside at which point he realises there is something within. Removing the top Ash finds a capped vial of white powdery substance.

He opens the door to the next room and approaching a wheelchair bound figure he asks them what this “Banana Fish” is that he has been mentioning. Ash lowers himself to this person's knees, begging him to say something. The phrase Banana Fish was what the murdered man said before he died, vividly remembering the exact words. He holds the legs of the person as he asks aloud whether this “Banana Fish” did this to him, and looks up asking Griffin to say something though there is no response.

Ash is surrounded by gang members, with Alex holding his jacket he fires two shots at one kneeled in front of him with the bullets hitting the wall behind. He beholds the man before him with tears as one bullet has drawn blood from skimming the sides of his face. Ash hears they are truly sorry as he loads another round on his gun. He shows them mercy when he hears them not to kill them and order them out of his sight. They run off as he turns to address the members gathered. He proclaims that they are all no dogs of the mafia, that they do business with Golzine as equals. Ash explains that if they want to be his pet, they are free to go to him before turning specifically to a person nearby, Arthur. He hears from him that Ash is the boss and he is glad they agree, if Arthur means it that is as he walks off with gang members members including Bones and Kong.

Elsewhere Ash has helped himself to the practice of Dr. Meredith and waits for his arrival by noting that business is good, that back alley doctoring must be good money. Though he is told again this area is off limits he hears the meds are on the desk and to leave his money there. He thanks him as he listens to Meredith explain that ultimately these tablets are nothing but mere consolation, that if drugged with a bad one a person is gone for life. Ash tells him it is none of his business when he asks who they are for, but that he does have a job for him. He tells him to shut up when Meredith wonders if he got a girl pregnant. Ash slides across some paper with a sample of the white substance he found in the chain pendant and asks if he can tell him what it is. Upon hearing it doesn’t look like powdered heroin he asks Meredith that he wants him to figure out what it is.

Ash has been brought back to Golzine's manor and requests for him to stop calling him over like this when he is duly summoned there. Ash is asked whether the man told him anything, and replies simply "what man?" Golzine does not accept the feigned ignorance and Ash informs him that the man told him “Help me”. He moves to take his leave after asking if that is all he is off. Ash denies that the man handed him anything, confirming it when Golzine reiterates the question. Ash waves him goodbye addressing him as "old man" and tells him next time to make an appointment.

Walking down the hall way with two of Golzines men behind him, Ash friendlily says goodbye to Marvin and thanks him for driving him here but that he no longer needs a driver for today.

Ash arrives back at his place, as he finds his room has been turned upside down. He suspected as much and knows Golzine is behind this search. Ash can tell, even though the room appears largely the same as Skip points out. Ash lies on his back staring at the ceiling as he muses that Dino must be really desperate, and contently assures himself that there is no way he is handing it over.

Bringing Griffin for Dr. Meredith to check, Ash tells him that he was drugged in Iraq with something bad by a quack at a veteran hospital. Ash is hesitant to state who Griffin is but having it pointed out that Meredith is taking care of him for Ash, he shares that Griffin is his big brother. In addition to suffering from seizures, Ash has informed Meredith that Griffin has been saying nonsensical phrases specifically “Banana Fish”. Ash is unsure of who “Salinger” is when Meredith asks him if Griffin had read his works since that phrase is on one of his novels. Ash reiterates the word “die” from Meredith's explanation, and dryly notes he did not know anything of the matter.

Ash is present in his underground bar as planned for his interview with both Ibe and Eiji who have arrived from Japan. He is playing snooker as Skip brings them both to him and waits for them both to speak. Hearing from Ibe that he would like to ask about Ash’s gang for a magazine article, Ash asks him what he wants to know. He takes a moment to consider Ibe’s request for pictures agreeing to it, though none of his face.

He is sat at the bar indifferent to his photo being taken, until he addresses Eiji directly asking whether they use kids for assistants in Japan. Ash hears that Eiji is in fact older than him, and excuses himself saying he thought he was a kid.

Ash is sharing a story where he told a guy to get lost to those nearby, unaware that he is being observed by Eiji who is stood nearby. His gun, that he keeps visible sticking out the back of his jeans is noticed by Eiji and Ash hears him ask whether it is real. He turns to face Eiji, uncertainly asking him what he means. He watches as Eiji explains that real guns are illegal in Japan and whether he can hold it, and witnesses Ibe hastily tell Eiji not to ask him that. People around them have noticed and after a moment Ash simply grants Eiji his request and walks to present the handle of his gun for him to hold. He watches as Eiji beholds it in wonder before having it given back. He hears Eiji’s question, whether Ash has ever killed anyone, and replies yeah. He affectionately considers Eiji “such a baby” before taking his place back at the bar inviting the questions.

Though he is not much of a talker for Ibe, he then responds to the vibration in his pocket. It is a call from Shorter and as he asks him what’s up he hears a warning to get out of there now, it is Arthur who has rounded up some guys and are coming for Ash. He turns just in time to see men armed with baseball bats break through the doors and begin fighting with the bar patrons indiscriminately. Ash knocks a thug out with a clean punch to the face and avoids a baseball bat from another. He notes that there isn’t enough room for this. He fights by avoiding a knife, grabbing the hand of the wielder and punching him in the face in response and trips a man causing him to fall on his back on the bar table. He asks if they must all do this here as he launches himself off the counter and kicks a man right of his feet with an upper kick to his face.

Even with the arrival of Charlie and police stationed outside who came alongside Ibe and Eiji, Ash continues to fight with no one relenting. He see’s men chase after Skip who has taken Eiji with him to escape the premises and concludes what the intruders are after now, as he kicks away two thugs. He moves to chase after Skip, telling him to get back it’s a trap though he is restrained by someone grabbing his waist. He pummels those who are holding him, boots a thug into another and sprints out the entrance to the bar. He shouts after Skipper who is indeed being kidnapped by being bundled into a car. Ash runs fast but unable to keep up with a car speeding away he stops to draw his gun. Calming himself he pauses to breathe and load the bullets. Narrowing his eyes he fires away hitting one of the kidnappers square in the back of the head killing him instantly.

Ash is loading his gun as Shorter drives up to him via motorbike. He hurries to it, helping himself to Shorter’s bike and helmet saying he needs it and takes off at once in pursuit of the getaway car Wookie is driving containing Skip and Eiji.

Ash is pushed by one of Golzine’s thugs as they enter the party together. He is unresponsive from the effects of being drugged that has also induced blindness. He has some inclination of whom he is speaking to as he knocks Yut’s fluke of champagne when it is offered to him. He can hear and registers what Blanca says to him and when Ash learns that he has signed a contract with Yut he turns and stares at Blanca wide eyed.

Ash is sat beside Golzine when Sing crashes the party and he is fully roused when recognises Eiji’s voice nearby and shouts out to him. He can see a blurred outline of Eiji and thinks how he can be so reckless and wonders if only he could see. Ash is then grabbed by Golzine who holds a knife to his neck and uses Ash as a human shield with Eiji aiming a gun at him. Ash seizes his moment to elbow Gozine in the face before being helped walk away with Eiji under his arm. He hears a gun being cocked and draws a gun of his own to shoot the thug dead. He tells Cain he heard a noise before successfully escaping the party by entering the sewers nearby via a manhole in the ground.

Ash awakens on his back in a run down subway carriage with Eiji, Sing, Cain and Lao with him and he asks where he is. He answers Eiji that he has gone blind but it is only temporary. Ash is restless and feels they need to get out of here since the location is dangerous. He can walk and is helped by Eiji as they leave together before he pauses to thank Cain and Sing for saving his life.

Alone together, Ash wears a blanket to help keep himself warmer next to a fire as he sits with Eiji. He still cannot see properly and remains affected by his previous ordeals and so his hand is held by Eiji as he is given the handle of a mug of canned soup. Ash tells Eiji he likes it, that food has not tasted so good in so long.

He feels Eiji has saved him again. After hearing how the plan was successful he is sure that there is no way Blanca would have been fooled by this flimsy plan, and though he was assured the locale is safe Ash stands reiterating to EIji it is too dangerous to stay here. He does listen to Eiji about trusting him to stay here with Golzine looking above ground. Ash agrees he might be right and shares that he always thinks about the worst case scenario, that its been so long it’s a habit he can’t break. Ash says he thinks this way because he feels he is a coward and hears Eiji assure him he's not. He is certain that is why he is alive, because he's always thinking ahead. Unable to calm down that’s why he assumes the worst.

Ash returns back at the hideout with Eiji to see that Alex and Kong have arrived and angrily asks why they are all gathered in one place. It dawns on him that locking themselves up underground in these numbers is suicidal. He rejects Sings thinking that no one can find them countering that anybody can figure out that Manhattan is a maze of tunnels, and that they have to get out now.

Ash orders everyone to arm themselves with all they have. He attaches a weapon under his trouser leg as he contemplates why he let his guard down; even knowing he was with them. He sees and tells Cain to hurry up, they don’t have time before Ash suddenly comes over with a faint spell. He assures Eiji he is fine and puts feeling faint down to the food at the old man’s mansion being like dog barf. Ash is put at ease from Eiji that he can confide in him and then Ash shares he couldn’t eat anything for a month and was living off water and IV injections. Ash tells Eiji not to worry; it takes more then that to run him down. Ash offers a gun and says he is sorry, he didn’t want to make Eiji hold this again.

Though he is aware the need to escape, their time is far shorter than anticipated. Ash hears gun fire as gang members are abruptly shot down. Ash runs along the train carriage he is in shooting at machine gun wielding gas-masked shooters as he directs everyone to the north sewer. He tells Cain to lead them there. Ash runs with everyone to the north sewer escape route though it transpires that is a trap as they all comes under heavy gun fire and Ash takes cover with everyone else. He is surprised when they deploy tear gas. He returns gunfire before being called out by Eiji to hurry up and escape down a manhole to a tunnel even further down.

Walking along, Ash asks Cain where are they before hearing voices behind them. Ash at once volunteers himself to lead their attackers to a different passageway and gives them a chance to run as far away as they can with the time he can get for them. Ash can only shout out at Eiji to wait when he himself runs to distract them instead and Ash continues to yell furiously for him to come back. He demands Cain to let him go being punched in the stomach unconscious.

Later, Ash awakes to find himself with his hands tied in Cain’s hideout and he orders him right away to take the bindings off. Though he is left to rest he instead simply rips the wall light out to which he is tied and instructs Cain out of his way.

Ash is seen running down the street and shoots Yut’s men who pursuing him in cars trying to capture him, he makes his way to the museum of natural history.

He shoots more of Yut’s men from the museum before a group enter to capture him. In the dark within the dinosaur section, Ash snares one by covering his mouth and slicing his throat before firing to kill others.

Ash watches Yut and Blanca who have arrived out the museum window as he thinks of Cain and how he is counting on him.

When Cain does indeed arrive to clear the men stationed outside with a drive by shooting, Ash calmly approaches and stabs Yut’s guard in the back before successfully taking Yut hostage. He menacingly shares that he could slash his throat but he has other plans for him. He reveals to Yut’s remaining men that he has him hostage.

Having Yut and his men at his and Cains mercy is circumvented when Ash see’s a truck carrying Alex, Bones, Kong and specifically Eiji within it pull up. Ash shouts to Cain to leave for “rat’s hall” and tells the others to not move. He keeps Yut as his hostage as he tells him to come on. He shouts to Blanca that he will be in the Hall of Ocean Life when he’s ready to talk.

Ash stands atop of the stairs in an exhibit with Yut where he replies to Blanca that he is just doing as he taught him. Ash’s terms are to swap all of Blanca’s hostages for Yut. When told that is a bit much Ash questions this statement. Holding a knife to Yut’s throat Ash explains if Blanca cannot protect his client, his clean record will be ruined. He demands Yut to shut up when he says his friends won’t live to see another day if he does it, before asking if he wants him to strangle him with his own guts. Ash makes it very clear that Yut if he lays one finger on his friends Ash will kill him in a way people will never forget. He presses the threat further informing Yut that he knows the humans body’s vital points and infinite ways to torture without killing, before turning to Blanca to point out he himself is the one who taught him.

He hears from Blanca that his hostage exchange terms are accepted and declares to let the hostages go at the same time at the count of three. Ash tells Alex the “rat’s hall” as the place where they are all to head to. From the count of three Ash says to Blanca here he goes as he pushes Yut down the stairs, before enduring a bullet shot to his arm as Blanca immediately fires at him, just before Ash returns the offensive by throwing a knife into Blanca that he endures with his wrist.

With his friends running and Blanca stood with a knife in his arm Ash also retreats as well.[1]

Ash has his hands bound behind him and asks Fox where he is taking them as he see’s Max, Bones and Kong with other prisoners being escorted by gunman into the back of a van. He watches as the others are driven off whilst he is kept behind and tells Fox there is nothing to talk about when he says he would like a word. 

Taken into the building, Ash is surrounded by Fox’s soldiers having been tied to a chair with rope round his neck connected to his wrists. Ignoring the cigarette smoke breathed on him, Ash listens as Fox describes him as being similar to a leopard. Ash clarifies those who hate him call him the devil, a reaper and he does not care, but he will not let Fox say it. 

Being aware of his background from intel provided by The Fly, Ash makes it clear he does not go around carving out eyes from people who are still alive, and is assaulted by Fox hitting him. He has the rope pulled around his neck and is asked why he would ‘resist the monsieur.’ Though told he can have anything Ash says he can only have this anything, if it is on Golzine’s agenda. Ash is then given an offer when he is asked why does he not join hands with Fox instead. Ash turns to listen as Fox suggests that if he were to become the head of the Foundation, the world would bow down before him. 

Ash laughs at this offer, and says he would rather kiss a slug than join hands with Fox. He is choked before he moves against the wall as Fox wants to know what it is Golzine has since he appears to have leverage over the US government. He stares at Fox asking if he’s got to be kidding, he’s crazy. He is told that Golzine will continue to use him and then Ash demands Fox to get his hands off him. When asked if he is ready to talk, Ash insightfully observes that his kind is always like that: dominating others by forcefully crushing them, but Ash is resolute in asserting that no one can dominate him. He clenches his teeth and makes it clear he will never bow down to him, he will resist with his entire soul.

Ash lies unconscious on the floor, before Fox leaves to answer Golzine. Eyes open with a burning cigarette dumped before him he is joined by Fox’s men to stand guard over him where one taunts Ash before kicking him in the head. Ash has managed to acquire the burning cigarette and sets on burning his bindings as he is tormented further by having water thrown over his face, then having his hair pulled. 

The rope burns through and free, Ash immediately grabs the guards knife to kill him by stabbing him in the chest. He makes use of the second guard lighting a cigarette to instantly take him down by throwing the same knife right into his forehead. 

Ash acquires one of their guns and fires through the door when Fox and a guard returns, before bursting out challenging Fox to come and face him. Ash takes cover from rifle fire and is prevented from pursuing Fox further due to a smoke grenade being released. He turns as Eiji, Jessica, Sing, and Cain come to rescue him though Ash snaps that they are idiots and demands to know why they came, he says they have to get out of here.

Ash successfully escapes with the others and catches his breath. He is trembling and slaps Cain’s hand away when he places it on his shoulder to check Ash’s wounds. Surprised at himself, he apologises and brushes the reaction off as nothing. Ash walks away from them to sit by himself on a nearby crate telling them he just needs some rest. Ash holds his injured shoulder and shakes with his eyes closed. He then looks up to see Eiji stood before him and Ash is embraced in his arms and held by him. Ash stops trembling as he rests his head in Eiji’s arms.

Ash joins the others in returning to Lao and other gang members. As he bandages his wrist he shares with Lao that he knows where gang members Willie and Yang were taken, namely to the National Mental Health Institute. He explains he was caught too hence why he could not help them. Ash ignores the tensions between Lao and Cain’s gang members as he calmly rises to his feet and asks if they have nothing better to do.

He walks down the stairs as Lao runs past him after his argument with Sing. He thinks nothing of Sing’s “you call yourself a boss” statement and shares that Alex is back, and to come and to come with him if he is in for the rescue mission of the hostages. Ash remains the top of the stairs looking at Sing when he is asked if he has ever regretted becoming a boss to which he simply replies “all the time.”

Ash dresses formally as he travels with Jessica to visit Robert recovering in hospital. He gives the bad news that Max has been kidnapped by Golzine. Ash and Jessica then travel to the Rownme Dalion Bank in the morning to acquire a hard drive of compromising information. As Jessica views it on a laptop Ash asks if it makes her fell sick. It is all they have to expose Golzine’s connections with the government officials and as long as they have this content, then Max is safe but Ash cannot say for how long.

Before he can answer Jessica how they will come for them, Alex joins them to tell him everyone is here for their rescue-meeting plan.

Before leaving, Jessica sheepishly asks if that day but trails off before Ash answers her that he was, namely if she wants to know whether he was raped. Ash tells her how he can be so calm over the traumatic incident saying that he would be dead long before now if it took him too long to get back on his feet after such an ordeal.

At the meeting Ash sits beside Cain and asks about construction work Alex has learned of. Though getting in may be tougher, Ash feels they will be sure to contact them as Ash has something of Golzine’s that he needs back.

Ash is then alone with Eiji and he watches him pour himself a drink as he instructs him to go with Jessica to have News Week shelter them. Ash will not take no for an answer. He expresses surprise at Eiji in fact feeling that plan for him is best and Ash moves closer to him, arms crossed and he scowls with suspicion as to whether Eiji is telling the truth. He listens to promises that Eiji is being truthful before calling him out on his ‘this time’ remark pointing out Eiji’s actions last time.

He hears from Eiji how in the end all the have to rely on Ash himself again. Ash stares to his hand; aware they are metaphorically dripping with blood of all the people he has killed. He is told by Eiji that he had to kill people otherwise he would have been killed. Ash remembers that his father always said he was a troublemaker, and that he will only cause trouble for Eiji too. He listens open mouthed as Eiji says he doesn’t care, he doesn’t want to lose him and would do anything for him before being asked by Eiji to come to Japan with him. Ash listens further as Eiji tells him he won’t need a gun, he can be reborn and free. He smiles and thanks him; he wanted to be like Eiji, too. He thinks out loud that he always wished he could have lived a more normal life but is then assured that he can, that it’s not too late he can do anything. Ash does not resign himself to the life he has always known; he does lean towards this new path by saying that Eiji will have to teach him Japanese. He then practices pronunciation of Japanese words with Eiji.

Sat together at a table he asks what Eiji has written down, the basic greetings in Japanese. Ash is thrilled to see he knows how to say “nice to meet you” and “how y’all doing” as he practices with his hand as a phone. He then moves on to speaking correctly “I’m a-okay” having learnt them from Ibe before and he grins with delight at Eiji. He hears how to say goodbye and staring dreamily at Eiji he pronounces “sayonara” before suddenly he is pushed out the way with Eiji having noticed gang members enter the room. 

Ash gasps and watches stunned as he very vividly beholds Eiji fall to the ground in front of him. In horror he calls out Eiji before he himself is also shot in the stomach by the gunmen. Ash is faster and pulls his gun from his jeans and shoots one attacker dead. He continues to fire relentlessly into his corpse in cold fury. Ash chases Shao Ti when he runs and shoots him through the back of the head and eyes narrowed he fires multiple shots into his body as well. 

His wrath continues unabated until Sing stands before him, and he demands him out of his way before aiming the gun at Sing. Ash then immediately blasts Lao’s gun out his hand when he draws it. 

Calming himself, Ash returns to Eiji, leans in and says his name to try and wake him. Ash see’s him open his eyes weakly and he hears Eiji tells him he is glad he is safe, before crying out in anguish as Eijis eyes close.[2]

Ash walks alongside Eiji on a stretcher and calls to him to him to open his eyes as he is wheeled away. He is surprised to see Blanca has joined them but tells him to shut up when he says he cannot go before moving to join EIji in the ambulance. He tells Blanca to let him go as he is restrained by him, then being knocked unconscious. Subdued, Ash has his own gun shot injuries tended to before coming to. He jerks upright then slowly meets Blanca’s eyes and tells him to let him go. Right away he seizes Blanca’s gun from the inside of his jacket and reiterates for him to move. 

He keeps to gun fixed on Blanca ignoring his request for privacy and tells him to move or he will shoot. He hears from Blanca how as a criminal if he goes they might question his relationship with Eiji and possibly make him an accomplice. Ash listens further as he is told he knew this day would come, that he cannot protect Eiji but wanted to escape his own solitude. He tells Blanca to shut up before hearing that Eiji does not exist to be his salvation, and in frustration Ash fires the gun past Blanca, curses him and fires further rounds into the wall. Ash is bleeding from his bandaged wounds and gasps before collapsing to the ground.

He has the drip reattached to his arm when Ash abruptly awakens once more. He sits upright in bed, finds he is on his own as he closes his eyes.

Ash joins the three gang factions, he tells Alex that he is okay, but they don’t have time and states they should get down to business.

Ash hunches on a bench, not acknowledging Sing and his gang as they approach. He doesn’t contemplate Sing’s apology for two of his guys betraying Ash, or Cain’s gang for reacting with anger to the apology being too late. 

He looks up briefly when Sing challenges him to a one on one duel to put the transgression behind them but doesn’t respond. Ash resumes his inner seclusion by paying no heed to Sing and Lao’s argument, not a reaction when Lao tries to rally members of the room by stating that Eiji is the only human Ash values, he cares for none of them. Ash has tears welling in his eyes.

After Sing physically ends the matter with Lao and the latter departs, Ash is again asked if he agrees to the fight and he replies “okay”.

Ash sits alone in a room staring out the window. He is joined by Cain and reveals to him he agreed to the fight since Ash saw Sing’s eyes and felt they told him he was prepared to die, he couldn’t turn him down. He explains to Cain that Sing was just doing what he can to save his guys.

He ignores Cain when he asks if he is going to go, and clenches his fist saying he does not want to hear Eiji’s name when Cain mentions it. Ash would go to see Eiji if he could, but he can’t turn him into a criminal by his association.

He is advised not to worry about Lao though Ash places his hand against the cracked window, he suspects Lao see’s the real him, a “repulsive monster.”

Ash stays by the window as Cain leaves and trembling, he grips his chest saying to himself for Eiji to forgive him for not being able to be by his side. He covers his face with tears falling as he thinks don’t take him away from me, and slumps to his knees asking God to take him instead.

Ash joins the others and directs the rescue plans, deciding after they are in they will move in groups. He instructs leaders to memorise the blueprint and all the escape routes, he knows the other side will be waiting for an ambush. Ash declares they won’t die in vain, that they are all coming back alive.

Ash watches Sing prepare weapons for the men and tells The Fly beside him that they are busting in. He hears a car horn and looks over registering that it is Blanca. Ash asks him what he’s doing and expresses confusion being asked if Ash wants to hire him. Ash opens his mouth in astonishment upon hearing Blanca’s rate of fifty million and asks if he is crazy. Ash continues to stare open mouthed at Blanca’s suggestion and scowls before conceding he guesses they could use another driver. Ash gets into the passenger seat and answers Blanca to drive them to the National Mental Health Institute. 

Ash then notes that its not that way and asks where he is going, and stares ahead as Blanca brings him to the hospital where Eiji is being kept. Ash’s eyes shimmer as he listens to Eiji’s state before he see’s a jacket handed to him. He is told to go, he may never see him again. Ash takes a moment to consider it before donning the jacket and heading in. He hears from Blanca that he has until 12am. 

Ash walks along the hospital corridor coming to a stop outside Eiji’s room. He slowly draws the door open to see Eiji before him asleep in his hospital bed with a drip attached to him. Ash draws his hand to his face to himself asking what has he done for Eiji to end up like this. He thinks he (blanca) was right that Ash should have known this could have happened.

Ash continues to sob into his hands. He remains until his time is up and says “sayonara” to Eiji before silently leaving.

As he walks down the corridor Ash hears Eiji faintly call his name. He turns and see’s Eiji weakly try and move and tells him not to before running to him. Ibe and Charlie have also arrived having seen Eiji out of bad and with tears streaming down his face Ash follows Eiji’s shout to run before he is caught.

In preparation for the rescue plan Ash lies in wait with Blanca a forested area although Ash’s wound has been bleeding again. Ash says there isn’t any time as he can see through his phone photos of Max strapped to a chair and hostages held at gun point.

Ash discusses the plan to use the data of Golzine as leverage to stop him executing the hostages. Despite that he says whether they hand it over or not they will be killed but it was the only plan they could think of, hence why him and Jessica proceeded with it.

The plan is carried out and whilst under heavy fire, Ash completes the plan by holding Golzine at gun point as he succeeds in catching him. Ash tells him he’s coming with him.

With a gun to the back of Golzine’s head Ash moves him back into the National Mental Health Institute.

Ash walks into the facility itself with Golzine at gun point and tells those gathered to get Mannerheim. He finds Fox there for the negotiation instead, Ash tells him to release al the hostages. 

He is surprised when Fox’s answer to the terms was to shoot Golzine twice in the chest right in front of Ash, as he see’s the man who had such a large impact on his life drop down before him.[3]

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