Alex is the second-in-command in Ash's Gang in Banana Fish.

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Alex has shortish brown hair and thin eyebrows. He tends to wear a light blue jacket that he wears unbuttoned over a dark top underneath.

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He is dependable enough to be a reliable second in command.

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Though unstated Alex came to be a part of Ash’s gang.

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He joins Shorter in the rescue attempt of Ash when he is lured into a trap by Arthur by pursuing Marvin. He and Sing lead Ash's guys and the Chinese when Ash, Shorter, Eiji, Max and Ibe are kidnapped. When Ash returns to the hidout, he and others go out after Ash gave them orders. In Episode11, he and Bones board the same train Ash is on, shoving one of Arthur's men aside right before the train doors closes.

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He is trusted and close enough to be Ash's second in command. He obeys even his ruthless commands.

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Assigned to protect Eiji on Ash's orders, which he does though seemingly unsure what to make of such a order concerning this specific person. There seems to be some sort of trusted bond between the two of them.

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